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Snow Crab at Home

I love snow crab, but when I go to the local national chain restaurant, the crab comes out so salty that I can't taste the actual crab.  Why pay all that money for salt?

There is really only one rule for boiling crab - make sure the water tastes good before adding the crab.  

The Recipe -

1.5 lb. - Snow Crab (No!  I didn't eat it all that day!)

1/3 - Lemon

Kosher Salt to Taste

1 Package - Seafood Crab Boil

Tap Water

1 Tbs - Unsalted Butter

1 Ea - Garlic Clove

Add a good amount of tap water into a large vessel.  Add the crab boil packet and squeeze a slice of lemon as well.

 Add Lemon to Crab Boil


Add a hand full of Kosher salt.  You can always add more - don't get too aggressive with the salt at this time.


Add Salt to Crab Boil


After the water starts to boil - taste it for salt and seasoning.  Can you taste the crab boil?  If not - allow the water to boil a couple more minutes and then taste again.  The lemon is for brightness, but you REALLY don't want to taste it – you don’t want the taste to be tart.


Once the water is to your liking, add the crab and then cover the pot immediately.  You want the water to come back to the boil as quickly as possible.


Bring Snow Crab to Boil Quickly


While the water is reheating, get the butter together.  Add a tablespoon of unsalted butter into a microwave safe bowl.  Add a smashed clove, a touch of salt and pepper plus a slice of lemon.  Microwave on high for 30 seconds - stir and then 30 more seconds.


Butter Mixture



Once the water starts to boil, the crab is heated through and tasty.  Take the crab out with a tongs and hold the cluster knuckle down.


Drain Crab Clusters Knuckles Down


When serving others, I place the crab on a platter and the butter bowls around the front of the platter.


Carb Served on Platter


When I'm alone - I'm such a slob - I put the clusters in a big pan with the butter.  I wear an old shirt that I won't mind dripping butter onto, and I just pig out.


Serving of Snow Crab 


You won't need to go out and pay good money for over-salted snow crab.  This recipe is so easy - you'll be able to have crab boil dinner parties that everyone will want to come to.


Enjoy -