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Sous Vide Sea Bass

Excuse me while I drool. I actually catch myself day dreaming about this recipe – it is so good. Unfortunately, sea bass can be pretty pricey, and you don’t want to overcook it. The best way to accomplish this is cooking it Sous-vide. "But LJ – I don’t have a sous-vide immersion cooker!” Me neither pumpkin, but what I do have is a slow cooker.  You can also use a convection oven, if you have one that cooks at a very low temperature.

There is one specialized piece of equipment that is a must for sous-vide – that is a vacuum sealer. You want to make sure that water does not flow through to the fish, and that the contents are sealed tightly. So – if you have a slow cooker (or a convection oven) and a food vacuum system, you’re good to go! 

The Recipe – 

1 lb – Sea Bass 

1 tbs – Dry White Wine 

1 tsp – Unsalted Butter 

Kosher Salt and Fresh Crack Black Pepper to Taste

I get my sea bass at Costco - it's in the freezer section - the pieces are individually vacuum packed.  If you're lucky enough to be near the ocean - your fish monger can provide very nice sea bass for you.

Frozen Sea BAss

Place the fish in the vacuum bag and salt and pepper the fish, add the butter onto the pieces of fish and add the wine.  To be sure that the bag doesn’t leak – double seal each side of the vacuum bag.

Seasoned Sea Bass in Vacuum Cooking Pouch 

Add hot tap water to your cooking vessel.  Place into a slow cooker set to warm (125-130 degrees - covered) (or a 125-130 degree convection oven - Leave vessel uncovered) for at least 3-4 hours. You won’t over cook the fish, because you have it in an oven equal to the temperature of nicely cooked Sea Bass. 

Sea Bass in Vacuum Pack in Slow Cooker

Cooked Sea Bass in Slow Cooker

The Cooked Sea Bass Will be Opaque and Flacky

After cooking, take the fish out and pat the packets dry.  There is going to be milky liquid in the packet - just discard it.

Sous Vide Sea Bass

This is such a tasty and elegant dish - perfect to a holiday or celebration for 2.