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Midwestern Chili Soup

I know that this recipe is not chili.  Most Texans would laugh my ass straight off the planet, if they read it.  This is a Mid-Western Chili Soup that I grew up with.  Hearty and heartwarming – this soup can be spiced up for adults and made milder for children.  

This is a fond memory from my childhood.  Coming into the house after shoveling the driveway for the 20th time and finding out mom had chili on the stove was a wonderful surprise.  It isn't until recently - when my mother saw me rinsing off some beans - she asked me why was I doing that?  Apparently she put the whole can into her chili back then - disgusting goo and all.  I wonder what other shit she fed me - oh yah - canned beef stew and chicken gizzard with buttered noodles!

I make a double batch so I can freeze individual portions.

 The Recipe –

2 Lbs Fresh Ground Beef – (I use 80/20)

2 Quarts – Tomatoes Stemmed and Seeded

2 Cans – Low Sodium Condensed Tomato Soup

½ Each – White Onion – Diced

1 Each – Medium Green Pepper – Diced

3-4 Each – Garlic Cloves – Minced, Crushed or Grated

1 Can – Hatch Chilis

2 Cans – Kidney Beans

1-2 Tbs – Pepi Acini, Pastini or Orzo Pasta

2 Tbs – Chili Powder

1-2 Tbs – Dried Oregano Leaves

1 Tbs – Cumin Seeds

Kosher Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper to Taste

1 Tbs – Olive Oil

If you have a mortar & pestle - use it to grind the herbs.  If you don't, crush the oregano between your fingers and crush the cumin seeds with a bowl or cup.

Herbs and Spice in Mortar and Pestle

Heat up the pot with some olive oil.  Add the vegys, herbs, and add a pinch of salt and a couple grinds of pepper.  

Vegetable Herbs and Spices in Pan

Add the meat and add a pinch of salt and a couple grinds of pepper.  Use a potato masher to break up the meat.

 Salt and Pepper on Beef

 Add the chili powder to the meat and stir.

 Spices Added to Meat

 Add the chilis as well - used canned or defrosted from the freezer - if you put up chilis.

 Add Chilis

 Add the condensed soup to the chili and stir it in.  

Add Soup to Chili

Add peeled, stemmed and seeded tomatoes with you juices into the chili.  (I'm using tomatoes I put up at the end of the summer.)  Use a good brand of naturally peeled without chemicals.

Add Tomatoes to Chili

 Once the chili is simmering, taste it for herbs, spices, salt and pepper.  The chili will simmer for about another half and hour - so now is the time to make your final adjustments.

 Drain the beans into a colander and rinse them thoroughly until you don't see bubbles forming.

Add Beans to Chili 

When the chili start to simmer again - add the pasta and stir.  You'll need to stir the pasta several times to make sure it doesn't stick the the bottom of the pot and burn.

Add Pasta to Chili Soup

Once pasta is cooked, the chili soup is ready.  Take it off the heat and allow it to come out of its lava-like state.  

 Serving of Chili

Serve and Enjoy!